6. Honore Louis "Bubba" DeBlieux was born on 23 Apr 1889 in Clarence, LA. He was born on 23 Apr 1889 in Clarence, LA /Natchitoches, LA. He died on 23 May 1958 in Bastrop, LA. DeBlieux, Honore Louis C003

1889: Born April 23 in Natchitoches.
In 1991, his youngest sister, Marguerite, had these recollectionsa about her oldest brother Honore Louis (father of Mable Lois): "Bubba liked me; he felt sorry for me when I couldn't climb in the attic like the others. He would pick me up and put me in; but then sometimes he would leave and I would have to wait till he got back. Bubba was Peck's Bad Boy; he was bad, the worse kid on the block. Once he got caught with matches in his pocket; they caught on fire when he was whipped. Once when he was working in Uncle Jeff's store he got mad one night about having to lock up late. He just went and threw the key in Cane River and quit. He was devilish. He left when he was about 15 or 16 and we never knew where he was for many years. I made a Novena for him. Later he showed up here at our house after I was married with 2 grown boys. We found out he had gone to Uncle Bud's (brother of Rosina, his mother) in Bartlesville, OK. Uncle Bud was Powell Sompayrac, a lawyer."

1911: Married Ozet Perot, January 9, Winnsboro, La. They had 14 children. Lived in Natchitoches.

1919: Moved to Columbia, La.

1958: Died May 23, Bastrop, La. ("Coronary Occlusion")

He was married to Ozet (Ozique) Perot on 9 Jan 1909 in Winnsboro, LA. He was married to Ozet (Ozique) Perot on 9 Jan 1911 in Winnsboro, LA.

7. Ozet (Ozique) Perot was born on 1 May 1895 in Campti, LA. She was born on 1 May 1895 in Campti, LA. She died on 15 Dec 1981 in Mer Rouge, LA. Perot, Ozet (Ozique) C004

1895: Born in Campti, Louisiana, May 1. Parents: Mary Hongo and Overton Perot.

1900: La. Census lists Ozique Perot, born Feb. 1895.

1911: Married Honore Louis DeBlieux, January 9, Winnsboro, La.; lived in Natchitoches:

Children: (14)
1912: Joseph David (J.D.), Sept 12.
1914: Oneatha Lee (Nita), Feb. 14.; wed Brinson
1916: Lester Henry.
1917: Clifton (Died as baby)
1919: Moved to Columbia, Louisiana.

1919: Mabel Lois, July 24. (B002)
1921: Mildred, Feb 23. (never married)
1923: Alma Louise.; wed Kenneth Honeycutt; Godmother of Anita; Little Poteat boy was Godfather.
1925: Helen; wed Hughes
1927: Honore Louis Jr.
1930: James Clifford
1931: Walter Victor (W.V.), July 24
1933: Tina Theresa, wed Stephenson
1936: Peggy Jean, wed Cayer
1937: John Alvin
1939: Robert Paul
(Alsoanother child died at birth).

1973: Ozet was named Louisiana Mother of the Year.

1981: Died December 15 at Mer Rouge, LA. ("Vascular collapse") Children were:

child i. Joseph David "JD" DeBlieux (Private).
child ii. Oneatha Lee "Nita" DeBlieux (Private).
child iii. Henry Lester DeBlieux was born on 23 May 1916. He was born on 24 May 1916 in Columbia, LA. He died on 4 Nov 1973 in Baton Rouge, LA. He died in 1974.
child iv. Clifton DeBlieux was born on 26 Apr 1917. He died on 19 Mar 1918.
child3 v. Mabel Lois DeBlieux.
child vi. Mildred DeBlieux (Private).
child vii. Alma Louise DeBlieux (Private).
child viii. Helen Elizabeth DeBlieux (Private).
child ix. Honore Louis , Jr. Deblieux was born on 7 Jan 1927. He was born on 7 Jan 1927 in Columbia, LA. He died on 16 Mar 1999. Tuesday, March 16, 1999
The News-Star in Monroe, Louisiana

Honore DeBlieux, Jr., 72
PRIDE - Honore Louis DeBlieux, jr., a retired heavy-duty equipment engineer,
died Sunday. The funeral is 10 a.m. Wednesday at St. Joseph Catholic Church
in Bastrop. Burial is at the church cemetery under direction of Golden
Funeral Home of Bastrop. Visitation is from 5 to 7 p.m. today at the funeral

child x. James Clifton Deblieux (Private).
child xi. Walter Victor "W.V." Deblieux (Private).
child xii. Theresa "Tina" Marie DeBlieux (Private).
child xiii. Peggy Jean DeBlieux (Private).
child xiv. John Alvin DeBlieux was born on 28 Oct 1937. He died in Dec 1974.
child xv. Robert Paul DeBlieux (Private).