Driskill Mountain, the Highest Point in Louisiana

Basic Facts

James Christopher Driskill

James Christopher Driskill, the person for whom Driskill Mountain was
named, was born in Hancock County, Georgia on June 27, 1817. In 1840
he married Eugenia Irwin Walker. In October 1859, Mr. Driskill sold his
land in Troup County, Georgia, and moved his family, which by then
consisted of him, his wife, eight boys, and one girl to Louisiana. In
Louisiana, Mr. Driskill had bought 324 acres, which included Driskill
Mountain, on December 1859. During the Civil War, Mr. James Christopher
Driskill served in the Home Guard. His eldest son, William B. Driskill
was killed in action at the "Battle of the wilderness" on May 5, 1864.
Another one of his sons, James B. Driskill, disappeared after he had
left Louisiana to fight in the Civil War. Except for one son and daughter,
Mr. James Christopher Driskill's family remained in the area. His
descendents still live in the area to this day.

(NOTE: The above text is distilled from information given me by Mr.
Joe Driskill. Any factual errors are my responsibility.)

Location Maps

Location of Driskill Mountain Within Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Location of Driskill Mountain Within the United States

Note: Both of the above maps are modified from maps produced by the Tiger Map Server
at the U.S. Census Bureau using the U. S. Geological Survey Geographic Name
Information System GNIS Query Form.

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